We deliver on-demand, point-in-time, network situational awareness, providing visibility into every IP asset, host, node, and connection, utilizing active techniques to index the network. The result is a comprehensive view of the entire routed infrastructure. We scan using a variety of techniques in order to index a network, similar to how an Internet search engine analyzes websites to index the World Wide Web.

This indexing is comprised of Network Discovery, Host Discovery, Device Profiling, Service Port Discovery, Leak Path Discovery and Enhanced Perimeter Discovery, allowing network and security managers to accurately visualize what’s on the network, drilling down to analyze potential areas of risk, and identify appropriate preventive action and remediation.

Skill development plays a very big role in our lives and helps us to earn excellence and promotion in the job we do in an organization. Also, in our culture learning matters very significantly. Yet, many people, in spite of having done schooling thoroughly, do not have any good idea as if how to scrumptiously design an approach for training and development. People tend to take for granted that training is a great way to learning, which leverages our lives and work. It also leads to enhancing our performance. However, the odds are very high that you will get more from your pieces of training and will be more successful in giving training to others if you understand extensively about the relationship between the training and performance. That understanding is particularly useful when planning training to enhance the performance or to redesign training programs that do not seem as effective as you want.

We at Praadis Consulting Inc. give a special focus on skill development and offer a lot of cost-effective learning programs to varied individuals and organizations including government bodies. Incidentally, we have a special IT training institute to help you get the career-based as well as performance-based learning to help the individuals do better in their jobs. You can visit our website to learn more about our training programs.