Traditional product value chains used to be one-dimensional. Today, they are rapidly developing product value networks, covering an extensive system of partners, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers—all leveraging the product lifecycle.

At Praadis Consulting, we have a firm conviction that product innovation and product lifecycle management (PLM) is at a point of modulation and disjointedness. Digital enablers and innovative technology prototypes have become essential in product development and lifecycle management process, making the most of big product data and digital set-ups. Since end users utilize digital technology to transform the way they act together with products, companies are searching for ways to make the most of digital technology to develop them.

At Praadis Consulting, we follow a pragmatic strategy, which helps companies to grab the digital opportunity from our vantage point at the juncture of business and technology strategy. We define long-standing strategies that leverage digital enablers. We bring these strategies into line with corporate vision and goals, and then back up with unified solutions. As a result of our 10 years of experience in working across topographies and industries, we have helped a number of premier companies to advance their product lifecycle management performance, enhance R&D efficiency and enhance ROI from their R&D investments.