It is essential to inspect tunnels and bridges on a regular basis and keep in a safe and functional condition to help protect users and preserve mechanical life. Bridges and tunnels with wide-open bulletproof concrete elements are susceptible to corrosion, generally instigated by thawing salt access via defective joints or low concrete cover. If corrosion induced spalling results in debris falling onto highways or railway tracks, then disruption can be significant. When it involves accessing the structure to deal with the damage, costs can heighten and monitor or lane closures can cause austere delays to travelers. At Praadis Consulting, we have been rendering the offshore industry with one-of-a-kind products and systems for several years. We take modest pride in having a team of professionals dealing in corrosion technologies with several years of rich experience in delivering and developing solutions for the industry. As a result, we are able to deliver world-class products and services for subsea cathodic safety and strive ourselves on getting together closely with our target end users to completely understand their needs. We are continuously undertaking product development so that we can be at the cutting edge of cathodic protection suppliers.