About Us

Praadis is a global provider of Consulting, Information Technology (IT), Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions, Smart City Solutions and Smart Learning and Training Solutions and Services. The company is focused on delivering value through integrated solutions for data intensive business processes that help enterprises across the world overcome their business challenges.

These solutions leverage innovations in technology, knowledge of business processes, and domain expertise to provide clients a competitive edge. Our deep expertise in infrastructure and applications management helps optimize your IT into a strategic asset.

Whether you need to differentiate your company, reinvent business functions or accelerate revenue growth, we can get you there. Praadis next-generation solutions and the services span across a section of industries including Banking & Finance, Skill Development, Mission Mode Government Projects, Market Research and International Organizations.

In a world that is changing quickly, it is essential that governments adopt new technologies and business models based on innovative governance methods and practices to improve public services for citizens. Collaboration, co-production across government sectors, and access to useable information from multiple sources are equally important in attaining these objectives. Government performance relies on innovation and technology to effectively run a “connected republic”—the next phase of e-government transformation where people and communities are at the centre of new networks of knowledge, service, trust, and accountability. With our robust portfolio of advanced data security, content management and world-class offerings, Praadis is committed to supporting Public Sector organizations to build their “Next Generation Automation” in order to meet the demands of their stakeholders in the 21st century.

Experience Certainty

Experiencing certainty with Praadis means you can count on results, partnership and leadership. When you work with us, your long-term success is our motivation. This is why we can offer you the ability to meet every challenge and the agility to capitalize on every opportunity. That’s the power of certainty. And it is our promise to every client.

We have the processes and expertise to solve your business’s most complex problems, help you reduce risk and gain competitive advantage. We consistently leverage our Innovation Labs, Centers of Excellence and collaborative teams of experts—including researchers, engineers, consultants and business partners—to create innovative solutions that give your business an edge.

We take a long-term view and ensure that any solution we put in place today will efficiently meet your needs while providing the extensibility to carry your business into the future. We draw from our years of experience developing business and IT strategies and solutions to help you implement the agile, integrated systems and processes that will help your business run leaner and smarter as it continues to grow.

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Leadership Team

Founded in 2012, Praadis has been a consistent performer in IT Services, cyber and digital solutions, learning & Development and training solutions. Since inception, Praadis has benefited from a superior leadership team from our strong, active and independent board members to our experienced and globally-distributed senior management team. The Praadis leadership team is comprised of a diverse team of globally recognised executives with a combined 30+ years of business experience in software engineering and design, product lifecycle management, Learning and Development, IT and innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We use corporate responsibility (CR) as a societal lens, helping us to understand stakeholder expectations and societal trends, manage our activities in light of these, invest in positive societal change that delivers on our purpose and measure a broader set of business metrics. We aim to go beyond doing the right thing to catalysing change in four focus areas: responsible business, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

We recognise that across the network, our firms are at different stages of their journey. As such, we utilise our leadership ladders to provide practical guidance and inspiration to progress from foundation level to CR leadership.